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Select your choice of embellishment from the choices below

Wide range of embellishments available to really give your invitations the WOW factor.  Most of these are included in the price of your invitation.  

PLEASE NOTE: For embellishments Bonita, Pellegrina, Roseto, Gold Isabella, Giselle, St Moritz, Venita, Gold Eternity, Enja, Rachel,  and Golden Valentina an extra 25p will be added to each invitation. These particular embellishments are more expensive to buy in due to their ornate designs and size.

"Beautasia" (2cm) - Circular pearl with diamante edge on silver setting and "Pearl Heart with diamante surround (2cm)

"Poppet" (1.6cm) - Central pearl with diamante edge on gold setting and central diamante with diamante edge on gold setting 

"Tesoro Pearl" - Gold or silver settings with diamante detail 

(2.4cm x 2.9cm)

"Poppet" (1.6cm) - Central pearl with diamante edge on silver setting and Central diamante with diamante edge on silver setting 

"Giselle - Rose Pink" with iridescent gem on silver setting (2.7cm x 2.2cm)  and "Giselle - Crystal" with diamante gem on silver setting.  

"Antique Gem" (2.5cm) with clear crystal and "Duvessa" Antique Turquoise (5.25cm x 3.5cm)

"Trinity" pearl (1.75cm) and diamante cluster and "Cassini" circular pearl with diamante (1.5cm) 

Pearl and Diamante cluster with gold setting (2cm) and Pearl and diamante cluster on silver setting (2cm)

"Pearly Dream Silver"  and "Pearly Dream Gold" (2cm) 

"Roseto" (2.5cm) and "Gold Isabella" (2.3cm)

"Eros" Diamante cluster (1.6cm) and "Fonteyn" Diamante cluster (1.5cm)

"St Moritz" Diamante and silver (2.8cm) and "Gossamer" diamante butterfly (2cm x 1.5cm)

"Bronte" Pearl cluster on Gold or Silver setting (1.4cm)

"Bolero" (2.5cm)with pearl and iridescent gem and "Baroque" Pearl and diamante cluster (2.25cm)

"Stephanotis Blossom" - (2.5cm) and "Vienna" - (2.5cm)

"Bonita" - (2.8cm across x 3.2cm) Each heart is covered in an array of small diamante crystals.    "Circular pearl and diamante with pearl drop" (2cm across and 4cm in length)

"Ditsy Heart' (1.2cm) diamante cluster  and "Versaille" (1.7cm x 1.7cm)

"Brilliance" diamante cluster (1.5cm) and "Primrose" diamante cluster (1.4cm)

"Corbiere: - White Lustre with Diamante Casing (2cm x 2.5cm) and "Ariana" (2cm)

"Abellia" Central gem with diamante surround (1.5cm) and "Biarritz" 5 rows of sparking diamantes (1.5cm)

"Gold Valentina" (2.8cm) and "Luna" (1.8cm)

"Andorra" Floral pearl (2.9 cm) and Pellegrina (2.5cm)

"Gem Heart" (2cm) and "Gem Oval"(2cm x 1.6cm) with diamante surround

"Gem Circle" (1.9cm) and "Pearl Teardrop"  (2.25 x 1.75cm)with diamante surround

"Sancy" Crystal clear and "Sancy" Turquoise (2.4cm)

"Grace" teardrop (2cm x 1.5cm) and "Havanna Gem" (2.1cm x 2.1cm) on silver setting

"Windsor" - based on the engagement ring of Kate Middleton (2.4cm) and "Little Venice" diamante cluster (1.4cm)

"Little Venice" Iridescent (1.4cm) and "Jasmine" (1.3cm)

"Trionum" has seven sparkling white (slightly faceted) petals, separated by sparkling crystal rhinestones. With a larger central sparkling rhinestone (2.7cm). " Diamante pearl square" cluster (1.6cm).

" Mini diamante pearl square" cluster (1.25cm).  "Pia" - tiny diamante embellishments that add a hint of sparkle with their cluster of diamantes. Set into a silver metal there are sixteen sparkling diamantes set into an oval cluster. (1cm)

"Gold Ammara Heart"  and "Silver Ammara Heart" 

(2.6cm x 2.3cm)

"Silver Crystal Oribella" and "Silver Pearl Oribella" (2.5cm)

Apple Blossom (2cm) Tear-drop shaped pearls that nestle closely together around a central cluster of six tiny clear crystals. Daisy Doo (1.1cm)  Petite little daisy like embellishment with a central pearl surrounded by a little cluster of diamantes

Trillonia (1.9cm x 1.2cm) A stunning simple combination of crystals and a single pearl in a diamond like arrangement.  Fitzgerald (1.8cm) Larger central crystal rhinestone surrounded by a circle of pearls in an Art Deco Style

Eternity (3cm) - striking  diamante and pearl embellishment makes a real statement. Conor (1.5cm) 16 tiny pearls surrounding a central pearl with an elegant fluted silver edge.

Margarita (2cm) A dainty design with a central ‘pearl’ surrounded by six ‘petals’ containing sparkling diamantes.  Venita (2cm) central  pearl surrounded by sparkling crystal rhinestones that really sparkle.

Golden Izzy - 2.3cm in diameter. Strinking Diamante cluster with gold setting, also available with silver setting.

Pia - 1cm in diameter These beautiful teensy embellishments add just a little sparkle with their cluster of diamantes. Set into a gold metal there are sixteen sparkling diamantes set into an oval cluster. 

Rachele - 2.25 cm in diameter - Rachele is an embellishment with a central pearl surrounded by six smaller rhinestones and six additional pearls. 

Enya - 2.5cm in Diameter A slightly ‘domed’ circular embellishment  has 18 x 4mm crystals set in a simple setting with a ‘beaded’ edge.