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Table Plans

Table Plans

Table Plan to hang from wine bottles
Table plan made to go on Blackboard
Table plans to be stuck onto mirrors

My Tableplans are not just simply printed, all the embellishments, figures, borders and tables are individually crafted and placed on the mount giving all the plans a wonderful three dimensional look.They can be decorated with gem stones, pearls, ribbon, buttons etc which make them a real talking point on your Big Day. Table plans can either be portrait or landscape and are A1 size.

An average size tableplan would consist of between 8 and 12 tables. Larger plans quoted upon request. 

Please contact me if you wish to have a table plan made for your special day.

I can also make table plans ready to be mounted on mirrors or blackboards, table plans on sticks or hanging with string to be hung from shrubs or wine bottles.


Please contact me with any requirements/questions/queries about your table plan

Contact me

Table Plans for Banquet Style Seating

Each guest name is printed and bordered and set along the banquet style tables.

Can be made to match any scheme so please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like this type of plan made to match your scheme [email protected]

Table Plans for Mirrors

Want to display your table on a mirror? No problem, just let me know the inner dimensions of your mirror

and I can make your table plan to fit. They will be made to match your invitations colour/scheme. Either attach yourself or if you are local to the area you can drop the mirror to me and I will do it for you. 

Can be made to match any scheme so please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like this type of plan made to match your scheme [email protected]

Themed Table Plans 

Have a bit of fun with your table plans by theming them with something close to your heart. Favourite places, TV Shows/films, music - anything goes. Don't hesitate to contact and I will see if I can help you with your theme. [email protected]

The Sweet Shop - £125

Champagne Waterfall - £125.00

Deco Cinema - £125.00

Wedding Cake - £125.00

Duke Box - £125.00

Bird Cage - £135.00

City of London - £110.00

Table Plan for Black Boards

Want a more rustic feel, why it use a blackboard or wooden crate to display your table plan. As with the mirror plans I will just need the inner dimensions of your black bard and will make them to fit.

Table Plan on Sticks

A great idea for those marrying abroad, simple to pack and light to transport

or just for something a bit different. 

Stick into pretty plant pots or a wooden crate with moss and flowers, they look wonderful.

String or Ribbon Tied Table Plan Cards

Ideal to transport if marrying abroad or for something bit different. Ideal for hanging around wine bottles or from a pretty shrub. Each table will be printed with your guest names and hung with either ribbon or string.  Can be made to match any colour scheme or theme.